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The Main Event: 60 Minute Experience

Can you hear the bell...? Can you hear the crowd cheering...? It’s FIGHT NIGHT and this is THE MAIN EVENT. Local boxer and Olympic champion Luke ‘Coolhand’ Campbell is about to embark on the biggest fight of his career in a title match. But wait..his gloves are missing. You enter into the locker room knowing this was the last place they were seen. It seems someone doesn’t want Luke to make that fight in time, it’s 60 minutes before that bell dings for round one. Will you get those gloves and make it to ringside so Coolhand can fight his way to victory or will you lose your cool and see Luke knocked out before even a punch has been thrown. It all depends on you and the rest of your training team. Can you get the right combinations and make this a knockout win or will you fail to bring victory home??Time is running out ding ding!!

  • This room has puzzles that involve colour
  • A slight exertion may be needed by one member of the team as the room is slightly physical, please let us know if you need us to change this puzzle.
  • The room is located upstairs.
  • Max capacity: 6
  • This room is Medium/Hard. (We can make this slightly harder or slightly easier, please specify when booking or on arrival)
  • This room has a 55% Breakout rate
  • This room is non linear
  • Team of 2: £ £46 Team of 3 £60 Team of 4 £66 Team of 5 £72 Team of 6 £78

The Great Toy Rescue: 60 Minute Experience

You have been called upon by a familiar group of toys…you find yourself back at the old playroom, everything seems untouched. As you enter, the door shuts behind you, was that someone making sure you couldn’t get out?? An old arch enemy perhaps?!!

As you enter this world of child’s play, can you use your logic and skill to beat the puzzles set by the missing toy’s captor?? Your mission if you choose to accept it, work out who is missing…rescue the correct toy…and get out before you are also left behind...

  • This room has puzzles that involve colour
  • The room is located upstairs
  • Max capacity: 6
  • This room can be booked as Medium, Hard and The Challenge, for people wanting a little easier please mention this in the additional comments or on arrival
  • This room has a 50% Breakout rate
  • Team of 2: £ £46 Team of 3 £60 Team of 4 £66 Team of 5 £72 Team of 6 £72

Operation Hideout - Jewel Pursuit: 100 Minute Experience

(Formally - Room 118) *This Experience is 100 minutes*

Operation Hideout - Jewel Pursuit... New intel just in believes that here is the exclusive hideout of the elusive notorious jewel thief...'The Breakout Hotel' You have been given an assignment, each assigned a job role within The Walkergate Task Force. This whole operation hangs in the balance...in your team’s hands...with no warrant this is a dangerous undertaking. Have you got what it takes to use the tools, bring back the stolen jewels and learn enough about this ringleader to bring them down?? It’s late and dark when you enter this hideout. You must be quick...any mistakes along the way may alert the thief. Your career or worse...your life could be at stake! * This room has crawl space*

You will have to search the property to try and discover their true identity. Work together as a team and gather the evidence you need before the thief returns and the whole investigation is ruined or worse... This room is more than just escaping...it's winning!!

  • This room is located upstairs
  • This room has puzzles that involve colour
  • Max capacity: 5/6
  • Team of 2 £56 Team of 3 £75 Team of 4 £86 Team of 5 £100 Call for Team of 6

There is an area that will involve crawling by the team. If you would like to discuss the options or feel this is something you won’t be able to do then please contact us before booking to see if we can accommodate you.

If you are looking for a last minute booking then call us for up to date availability. If you are looking for the same day and you cannot find availability again please contact us on 01482 688380.

We offer discounts for blue light and all NHS workers, please contact us before booking. Proof of I.D will be required.

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