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The Great Toy Rescue

You have been called upon by a familiar group of toys… you find yourself back at the old playroom, everything seems untouched.

As you enter, the door shuts behind you, was that someone making sure you couldn’t get out?? An old arch enemy perhaps?!!

As you enter this world of child’s play, can you use your logic and skill to beat the puzzles set by the missing toy’s captor?? Your mission if you choose to accept it, work out who is missing… rescue the correct toy… and get out before you are also left behind.

This room is suitable for everyone. We can tailor this for all abilities including first time escapees and enthusiasts with many rooms behind them. This is the perfect room for the element of fun.

This room has puzzles that involve colour
The room is located upstairs
Max capacity: 6
This room can be booked as Medium or Hard, for people wanting a little easier please mention this in the additional comments or on arrival
This room has a 55% Breakout rate
Team of 2: £48 Team of 3 £60 Team of 4 £68 Team of 5 £75 Team of 6 £78