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Room 118 Online Game

Price per game £20.00 Room 118 Online Game

We have been hot on the trail of the elusive and notorious gem thief for a while now. They just keep slipping through our fingers. New intel believes that this is their exclusive hideout.

Teams before you have tried to catch the perpetrator and…failed. Room 118 has gone unnoticed before now. Is this the breakthrough your department have been waiting for? Will this be the success to make you part of the Elite team?

You have no idea of the thief’s name or identity and we currently have no solid evidence that links them to the thefts. We hope so much is to be discovered from this find.

Can you use clues and solve the puzzles to locate the evidence and finally catch this perpetrator before they strike again. This is the biggest case in your career but could be your last if you don’t succeed.

The clock is ticking we have no idea when they may return or what could be in store for you if they do...

What are you waiting for? Book now to try this new digitalised game on the telescape platform. Room 118 Online Game is the closest thing to a real escape room. This is your chance to experience our real escape room from the comfort of your own home. You can even play with other people or family from around the world, just set up a zoom call or something similar. Now you can play games that you never thought would have been possible. This has a fully inbuilt hint system and we are always available to contact if you are completely stuck.

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Room 118 Online Game