Our Covid – 19 Response

We pride ourselves on being a small independent family run business. You can be assured that we will take all measures to create a safe environment that as a family ourself we would want to visit.

We have done a full risk assessment including a post covid risk assessment.

Customers will be required to:

  • Confirm on booking you will follow current Government guidance on COVID 19.
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry and as directed. We have installed hand sanitisers by our main door and upstairs within our reception area and outside our rooms.
  • Our team is there to keep you safe; please follow their guidance. This is particularly important when moving you throughout the venue to ensure there is no overlap with other teams.
  • Turn up no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your game.
  • We have changed the start times of our games to allow us to control the flow of customers. Please check the new start times on our booking system.
  • Groups must be part of a household/social bubble, as per current government guidance.
  • If you, or anyone in your household, are displaying any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, we politely ask you not to visit. Please contact us to rebook your experience for a later date free of charge.


Clean Facilities

Cleaning routines are enhanced, and we will disinfect all touchpoints regularly throughout the day. All objects, locks and surfaces will be sanitised between games as well as all rooms sprayed with disinfectant spray. We are also introducing the use of far-uvc/uv-c 200-280nm germicidal wands.

We have increased time between games, to clean and sanitise after each play. We are making sure the rooms are well ventilated and use of all windows when the rooms aren’t in use.


Using vouchers and credit

If you have credit or a gift voucher, then please get in touch with the site directly via email. Gift vouchers can be used through the online booking system.


Who will I see?

You will only play with people in your group, and our goal is to ensure the only other person you come into contact with is our team.


Do I have to wear a mask?

For the safety of our staff all players must wear face masks at all times except when they are left alone inside their escape room by the games master.  We will also have spare masks and disposable gloves if required.


Track and Trace

We are currently asking that all teams fill in their details and we will keep a record of this for the mandatory 21 days.

Our staff have all undergone COVID training and we have received the ‘We’re Good to Go’ certificate. This is industry standard and consumer mark to reassure customers that we comply to Government guidelines.

The gathering of this information will be GDPR compliant. It will not be used for marketing.

We are doing everything possible to make sure your visit is as Covid Secure as possible. We have followed all the available government advice and have completed the required covid workplace checklist and have updated our risk assessment accordingly.

Any policies and procedures in place at any business are never 100% risk free and by booking and playing you accept that all precautions are being taken. You and your group also have a responsibility to uphold and add to these requirements and that failing to do so will result in your game being cancelled.

Thank you

Mark and Fran
Beverley Breakout