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The Goblins of Toadsmead

Quick…the magic is fading…the train is ready to leave…so will you jump aboard this magical journey and be our heroes of the hour???

With a little over an hour left until all the magic disappears we NEED you. Get your wands at the ready!

We are looking for the very best Witches and Wizards to take on this challenge.

Hello…hello…Toadspots School is due to start tomorrowhowever we have some very disturbing news, school cannot reopen…Last night The Emerald Stone was stolen.

The Emerald Stone is the one thing that keeps all the magic ticking. This stone has had its rightful place near Beverley Station for hundreds of years, kept secure until now. This has caused a shift in balance, without the stone in place the magic will slowly disappear until there is nothing left.

If all the magic fades, this world as we know it, will cease to exist and our two worlds will disappear! After that all the power will belong to the Goblins…

The Goblins have shared this world with us for countless years, until now. The new Goblin King, Grimey had demanded possession of the stone. He stated that if we would not pass over the stone, he would steal the stone and so possess all the magic in order to become the most powerful wizard ever. This will stop any new witch or wizard from learning the magical arts in the Goblin’s bid to take over the wizarding world. They may actually succeed without your help…I was once told that help would always come if I asked for it…The Emerald Stone must be put back.

We believe the precious Emerald Stone to be hidden deep within the Goblin's haunt in the village of Toadsmead but it will be protected by their own powerful enchantments and sorcery.

You must start your journey at Beverley Station and head off to Toadsmead. Find the local Goblin haunt. Use all your training, wisdom and knowledge of the wizarding world to obtain the stone and make your escape. Replace the stone before time stops…but be quick...

If all the magic runs out, then the path you take will no longer exist. You will be trapped…forever.

Yours Willingly

Victorious Vanderwhall

(Deputy Headmistress)

This room has puzzles that involve colour
The room is located upstairs
Max capacity 4/5 (5 will be cosy, please contact us first)
This room is Medium
Team of 2: £48 Team of 3: £60 Team of 4: £68 Team of 5: £75

*There is one small area that involves low head height by all the team, this might only be a problem for people with mobility or back issues, this can only be avoided by a slight spoiler to the game and entry by a member of staff. Please contact us for more information.*

*We recommend no more than 4 adults for this room, this room starts off a little cosy. 2 adults and 3 children would be fine but we always advise contacting us first if you have any concerns. We can discuss all options and, as with our other rooms, we are more than happy to accomodate larger groups with prior agreement and understanding*

Book now and embark upon this magical journey.

The Goblins of Toadsmead

Goblins of Toadsmead