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Operation Hideout – Jewel Pursuit: 60 Minutes

Operation Hideout – Jewel Pursuit: 60 Minutes

*Please note this room is the same room as out 100 minute version, however it has been condensed to a shorter version only lasting 60 minutes. This means if you ever decide to play both, this is the same room and mostly the same puzzles. For this 60 minute version, puzzles have either been completely removed from the 100 minute version or changed to allow us to make this possible. *
(Formally – Room 118)

Operation Hideout – Jewel Pursuit… New intel just in believes that here is the exclusive hideout of the elusive notorious jewel thief…’The Breakout Hotel’ You have been given an assignment, each assigned a job role within The Walkergate Task Force. This whole operation hangs in the balance…in your team’s hands…with no warrant this is a dangerous undertaking. Have you got what it takes to use the tools, bring back the stolen jewels and learn enough about this ringleader to bring them down?? It’s late and dark when you enter this hideout. You must be quick…any mistakes along the way may alert the thief. Your career or worse…your life could be at stake!
* This room has crawl space*

You will have to search the property to try and discover the thief’s true identity. Work together as a team and gather the evidence you need before the thief returns and the whole investigation is ruined or worse…
This room is more than just escaping…it’s winning!!

  • This room is located upstairs
  • This room has puzzles that involve colour
  • Max capacity: 5/6 Ring for 6
  • Team of 2 £48 Team of 3 £60 Team of 4 £68 Team of 5 £75 Team of 6 call us.

*There is an area that can involve crawling by the team. This is not low level crawling. This is not a small confined space. We can also avoid this so please do not worry.  If you would like to discuss the options or feel this is something you’re unsure about then please contact us before booking to see if we can accommodate you.*