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Online Games โ€“ Play anytime

Online games are the perfect way for you to enjoy your free time with family, friends or perhaps for some team building with colleagues. The best part is you donโ€™t all have to be in the same place.

Play anytime digital rooms – You can play from home or the workplace. You can play with everyone sat beside you or you can set up video calls and play along together.

You could even set up your own competition, purchase more than one game and go head-to-head with another team and see who has what it takes to finish first.

What is it?

Our first game is a replica of our ACTUAL REAL PHYSICAL ESCAPE ROOM, this is the room you would find if you came here to us to play. 100% digitalized so you play at your own leisure and pace. This room has some slight differences from the actual room but not many. Please do bear this in mind if you want to come and play in real life.

This type of game means there is no live avatar, no need to book a specific time.

How does it work?

This is a digitalised version of our game, this means that you will have a 360-degree image of the room in which you can point and click, you can look at items and collect them into your inventory to use within the game. You can click on items to look at like you would as if you were in the room. You can interact with items and use them together or alone to solve puzzles and crack codes.

How will it work if other players are not in the same place?

You will book your game for any of the time slots showing, (this is not the time you will play; you can still play anytime) you will then receive an email immediately with the game link for your game. You can then begin this at anytime.

You can then forward this email/link to other players for you all to be able to play at the same time.

Once you all have the link you will be able to give yourself a name. This is a name that all other members (devices) will see on the screen. You will be able to see each otherโ€™s cursors moving around the room. You can all have a look round the room, spin the dials on the padlocks and interact with things as you would in a room. You will be able to zoom in, open drawers and collect things, discovering hidden items and move things to help you solve the puzzles. You can all check things out and see everything as you go.

We recommend that you use a video call/conferencing app like zoom. Communication will be key to work as a team to navigate your way around and through the room. If you set this up prior to starting the game, then you will all be able to work together from the very beginning.

How long do we have to play?

You will have 72 hours to complete this game. (This begins once you start playing and not from the time of receiving the link) This means you can play the game in sessions, you could grab snacks half-way through. This means if you want to leave it and come back to it the next day you can. It will start exactly where you left off. After 72 hours the game will expire.

This game isnโ€™t timed, so we do recommend if you are the competitive type then set yourself a timer going. Otherwise, there is no pressure to finish in time. This game in real life is a 90 minute game.

This game can be played by one person alone, however it is designed to be played with at least two people/devices. It can have up to 6 players (devices/connections) but like with any escape room the more players you have the more it will affect the experience of the game.

The game is suitable for playing on a PC, laptop or mobile device, however unless you are playing by yourself, we wouldnโ€™t recommend using your phone where possible.

We have found ipads to work but we do still recommend pc/laptop over anything.

Depending on experience we recommend about 2 hours of epic game play from this room. It will keep you well entertained.

What if we get stuck?

The game has a fully inbuilt hint system. There is a range of hints from slight hints to the complete solution.

This game is fully playable as a team, but it is a collaborative escape room so working together is key. Different players can work on different things so having a way to communicate is essential.

Anything else?

We would recommend having a pen and paper handy throughout and maybe a calculator. To read more about the game, click here.

To book your game, please click here.

Have fun!!!

If you have any questions or would like some information, please email us on: or send us a message on facebook