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Who are we? About Us

About us – Who are we?? Beverley Breakout Escape Rooms in Beverley, Yorkshire. We are an independent family company with a fabulous choice of UNIQUE escape rooms!

We are a crazy family of four, Mark and Fran and our two girls Meyah and Jaymie. Our business is a family venture. It started as a crazy night time conversation. It has been pushed and pursued by each and every one of us at different points on this journey.

We signed a lease 3 weeks before the first lockdown and there was lots of tears…lots of tears. However five months later and we were ready to share our dream with you. There was plenty of laughs and more than anything lots and lots of hard work by all of us. After eventually opening in August we traded for only ten weeks but they were ten great weeks and meeting plenty of lovely people.

Over lockdown we have adapted and we managed to digitalise one of our games. This has proved to be a great success!

Escape rooms are our favourite pastime, our absolute favourite thing to do. We love the way that as a family we get to spend time together with no phones and working together, each of us brining our own unique puzzle solving brain to the table. We literally always need each other to Escape…

Our very first escape room saw us rope in a babysitter and leave our youngest at home. Only to understand that she would have been fine. So with that in mind we wanted to try and make it a family experience as well as for everyone else. Hence Beverley Breakout was born.

Our rooms have different themes to most but we wanted to bring something different to the area while keeping everyone in mind. Although family is how we approached our escape rooms they are certainly not easy. We have actually tried to adapt our rooms to be a little easier as most of the feedback was that they were ‘hard’, so if you fancy a challenge, look no further.

The rooms offer great puzzles combined with lots of fun.

We believe all our rooms are completely different offering many different puzzles to keep you coming back.

We are very excited to welcome everyone down to ‘Beverley Breakout’ and look forward to meeting you all soon.

Mark, Fran, Meyah 18 and Jaymie 10 xx

To book one of our escape rooms please click here or use the ‘Book Now’ button above. If you have any questions about an escape room or anything else, please give us a call on 01482 688380 or use the contact form here and we’ll be happy to help.

You can find us on social media, don’t forget to like our page to keep up with all our news:

The family behind Beverley Breakout Escape Rooms in Beverley

The Family, The Browns

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