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Can you... find the clues? solve the mystery? escape?

Beverley's own live escape room
Fantastic family fun
60 minutes to escape a locked room
Play with teams of 2 - 6
Find clues and solve puzzles to escape

Welcome to Beverley Breakout

Looking for something a little different to do in Beverley?

Then you've found it...

Beverley Breakout is a family run independent escape room in Beverley. We are extremely passionate about our fun, exciting, challenging, and family friendly escape rooms. We have created a fantastic venue for people looking for a great day out in East Yorkshire to come and ‘Escape.’ Put your phones down, put your heads together and most importantly work together to see if you can escape from Beverley Breakout!

How to play

1. Book your game from an available time that suits you.

2. Get a team together and turn up

3. Get locked in the room (not really).

4. Look around to find clues to help you.

5. Escape (or not) and celebrate your adventure.

6. Celebrate your success!

Who are our escape rooms for?


Looking for something to do as a family? Look no further, being a family ourselves we know how hard it can be to keep different ages happy, with this in mind we wanted our escape rooms to be something for everyone. You’ll be surprised how quickly some clues can be solved by the children in your family yet its an activity that will definitely need the older members of the team too. Learn things about each other you didn’t realise. We want you to come and enjoy yourselves and go away having enjoyed something different together as family.


Escape rooms can make the perfect team building experience. Can you work out who the deep thinker is; the person who keeps you all calm; the over thinker; the under thinker; the wanderer; the numerical genius? Escape rooms brings the best out in everyone. See your colleagues in a different light. Communication is key. We can currently accommodate up to 10 people but get in touch for your requirements.

Friends & Students

From couples to groups, whatever your dynamic, looking for something different to do? Celebrating an occasion or just want 60 minutes away from the outside world? Put the phones down and immerse yourselves in a world of puzzle, logic and fun. What are you waiting for, get booked in.