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The Main Event

Can you hear the bell...?
Can you hear the crowd cheering...?

Local boxer and Olympic champion Luke ‘Coolhand’ Campbell is about to embark on the biggest fight of his career in a title match. But wait... his gloves are missing. You enter into the locker room knowing this was the last place they were seen. It seems someone doesn’t want Luke to make that fight in time, it’s 60 minutes before that bell dings for round one. Will you get those gloves and make it to ringside so Coolhand can fight his way to victory or will you lose your cool and see Luke knocked out before even a punch has been thrown.

It all depends on you and the rest of your training team. Can you get the right combinations and make this a knockout win or will you fail to bring victory home??

Time is running out ding ding!!

This room has puzzles that involve colour
A slight exertion may be needed by one member of the team as the room is slightly physical, please let us know if you need us to change this puzzle.
The room is located upstairs.
Max capacity: 6
This room is Medium/Hard. (We can make this slightly harder or slightly easier, please specify when booking or on arrival)
This room has a 55% Breakout rate
This room is non linear
Team of 2: £48 Team of 3 £60 Team of 4 £68 Team of 5 £75 Team of 6 £78
The Main Event

The Main Event - 60 Minute Experience