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The Great Elf Mix up

Hello Sugarplum Sparkle here...I'm here to tell you all about 'The Great Elf Mix Up'...shhhh don’t tell anyone but this year Santa asked if Beverley Breakout would lend their toy room to the Elves, well of course they said yes!

But now all the Elves have got themselves so excited and managed to get themselves into such a fizzle!!!

Can you come and help fix all the mix ups??

Poppy Glitterpants has mixed up all the letters to send to the children, Twinkly Glittertoes can’t find all the baubles for the tree, Bossy Buttertart keeps arranging story time but Mischievious MerryBerry has hidden the story.

The biggest problem is that sweet little Snowflake has fallen into the snowball making machine and needs to be rescued!

Can you please come and help otherwise I’m not sure everything will be ready for Christmas.

Now for all the additional information before you book:

This room involves colour puzzles
The room is located upstairs
Max capacity is 6 but do not recommend 6 adults
This room is Easy difficulty
There is themed lighting which does flash. (Please notify us if this is not something you wish to happen and we can remove it)

Please note we do have a very special list...what list I hear you say, Santa's list of course so when booking make sure to follow all the instructions below. We don't want you in a mix up too...

  1. Make sure you do let us know how many children will be taking part and if they require a gift.*
  2. Give us names if you wish for any to appear on Santa’s lists. Please add this to your booking in the additional info section**
  3. Don't forget to contact us for discount if you have played The Great Toy Rescue***

*All children taking part will receive a ‘chocolate gift’ at the end, this is children only. Please let us know if this is something you do not wish to happen*

**If the child/children’s name is given at the time of booking, this will appear on Santa’s ’Nice’ list, again if you prefer this not to happen then just don’t leave names, this can be added for the whole team. There is also a ’Naughty’ list so any adults that need adding please let us know!**

***Please note this replaces our toy room, you will find similarities in the room and some things may be the same, so if you have played this room then we are offering a 30% discount off this room for a like for like booking. Please bear all this in mind before booking. You need to call us to book, we will need to check that we have you on file before adding the discount. Unfortunately any bookings made and paid for without the discount cannot be altered afterwards.***

We can't wait to see you, lots of love and fairy dust, Sugarplum Sparkle

What are you waiting for, get booked for 'The Great Elf Mix Up' now:

The Great ELf Mix Up

The Great Elf Mix Up